Wednesday, September 29, 2010

sucks man

Hey guys I just found out that my grandma passed away. So i'm not really in the mood to play zelda or write up a full entry. Sorry guys.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day 1

Pickles walked through the forest until he came upon a cave. Being the curious adventurer that he is Pickles decided to check the cave out. Inside sat an old man.

"Oh how delightful to see someone. What brings you into my humble home young one?" asked the cave dweller.

Pickles replied "I am Pickles and I have to defeat Ganon to save the kingdom of Hyrule"

"Ah, if you really are the one that will finally bring down Ganon then please take my sword."

The old man handed Pickles an old sword. "It's not much but it's dangerous to go alone. Also that sword has a bit of magic in it. As long as your heart is pure then you can unleash the magic."

Pickles looks over the sword flipping the blade over in his hands. As he's marveling over the weapon he notices a slight glow coming from it. "Your gift will not be wasted sir. Thank you very much."

The old man nods "One more thing, rumor has it that there's a cavern with a fragment of the Triforce in it just north of here. You must retrieve this and the other pieces of the triforce if you have any chance of ending Ganons rein. Go across the bridge to the north to get to the cavern."

Pickles stands up and shakes the old mans hand. "Thank you friend. I will get the Triforce and defeat Ganon. You can count on me."

With this Pickles runs out of the cave. I've got to get the triforce. I know it's my destiny.

Thanks for all the great comments guys. I decided to write a little about the opening of the Legend of Zelda NES.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Starting from the Top

I've decided for this blog I will play through each of the Zelda games starting from the very first one for the NES.

As I pulled out my NES from deep within the confounds of my closet something else came with it. No not spider webs. Something deep from my childhood came flooding back to me and I decided at that moment to hold up my NES and imagine the New Item found music to go of while it was in the air. I then put the NES into my backpack which seemed to hold way more then it looked like it could hold.

I drudged through deep into my living room until I came upon my TV. Que "Secret Found Music". I searched through my backpack until I found my NES which i then proceed to plug in and turn on.

I remembered playing this game way back when and spending hours trying to find the pieces of triforce to defeat Ganon. I when the name your character screen came up I drew a blank. So I'm asking "You!" out there to name my character. If no names pop up by tomorrow then the name I'll be going with is Link, and remember it can only be 8 characters long. See you all later.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

First Entry

Hello Zelda fans, hope you all are getting excited for the newest chapter for the Legend of Zelda Series. What we know so far with this latest installment is that Skyward Sword is going to be another prequel. To what game? Well it's a prequel to what I had long believed was the first in the whole zelda story-line the Ocarina of Time. We'll see how the developers over at Nintendo work this one out. First post is kinda short but will ensure longer posts to come.